• sustainability


  • PROVIDE an excellent workplace

  • REDUCE our impact on the environment

  • BUILD a win-win relationship

  • STAND by our ethics and values


    PROVIDE an excellent workplace

      • Warm onboarding and continued on-job training
      • Complete employee safety & health system and management
      • Annual employee satisfaction surveys and effective feedback channels to management team
      • Fair salary and benefits system in accordance with the principle of equal pay for equal work, and equality between men and women

    REDUCE our impact on the environment

      • Targeting, tracking, and lowering the company’s carbon footprint by decreasing overall energy consumption and shifting towards the use of renewable energy sources
      • Control of wastewater emissions and noise reduction in accordance with local regulations
      • Green program for procurement, packaging, and recycling

    BUILD a win-win relationship

      • Long-term partnerships with suppliers that sign supply chain security commitment
      • Strict review guidelines of supplier qualification
      • Regularly scheduled on-site quality and EHS audits of key suppliers

    STAND by our ethics and values

      • Transparent and fair procurement and bidding process
      • Regularly hold business ethics and compliance training for employees and management
      • Member of the United Nations Compact Organization since 202
      • Annual GRI report

2021 EcoVadis Bronze

Continuous Improvement and Sustainable Development



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