• Food Additives

Food Additives

Huisong frequently conducts in-depth market research to understand changing market trends and needs, and is committed to new ingredients innovation and development of new products. In addition to our primary botanical extracts, herbs, powders products, Huisong has developed a series of food additive products, including savory products, sweet products, dehydrated vegetables (airdried vegetables), mushroom, natural sweeteners, and grains, all while relying on more than 20 years of production experience, product development capabilities, and stable and high-quality supply chain built over the years.

Huisong strives to process food ingredients with fine powder, smooth taste, full flavor, and sufficient nutrition in accordance with the preferences of the market by controlling the quality through different processing techniques and control points.


Savory Products

Huisong’s savory products have a strong presence in Southeast Asia markets. Huisong is able to process the same product using different techniques, resulting in different product specifications that highlight different flavor characteristics in order to meet the different customers’ needs. The savory products have extensive uses in spice products, food ingredients, baked foods, etc.

Savory Products
Main Category Product Name
Alium Toasted Onion Powder
White Onion Powder
Onion Oil Powder
Onion Oil
Minced Onion
Garlic Powder
Garlic Oil Powder
Garlic Flake
Fried Garlic Flake
Garlic Oil
Minced Garlic
Seaweed Seaweed Flake
Roasted Seaweed Powder
Unroasted Seaweed Powder

Sweet Products

Huisong has recently developed products such juice powders in the Sweet Products category. Huisong's juice powder strives to have a full flavor, good water solubility, good fluidity, and good taste, while retaining the nutrients of the raw materials as much as possible. From raw materials to processing, every step is strictly controlled, and from particle size to flavor. Sweet products mainly are used in medicines and health products, health nutrition, solid beverages, snack foods, etc.

Sweet Products
Main Category Product Name
Fruits Juice Powder Blackcurrant Juice Powder
Bilberry Juice Powder
Lemon Juice Powder
Lime Juice Powder
Apple Juice Powder
Orange Juice Powder
Blueberry Juice Powder
Strawberry Juice Powder
Mango Juice Powder
Peach Juice Powder
Banana Juice Powder
Cucumber Juice Powder
Pomegranate Juice Powder
Wolfberry Juice Powder
Pineapple Juice Powder
Litchi Juice Powder
Beet Root Juice Powder
Pink Guava Juice Powder
Grapefruit Juice Powder
Grape Juice Powder
Fruits Juice Concentrate Apple Juice
Blackcurrant Juice
Mango Juice
Strawberry Juice
Tea Matcha Powder
Green Tea Powder
Jasmine Tea Powder
Liang Tea Powder
Oolong Tea Powder
Black Tea Powder
Herbal And Vegetable Powder Barley Grass Powder
Chrysanthemum Powder
Wheatgrass Powder
Beet Root Powder
Hibiscus Powder
Dehydrated Vegetables
Leek Green/White

Dehydrated Vegetables

Huisong currently has a stable and high-quality portfolio of dehydrated vegetable products with several kinds of dehydrated vegetables, with traceable raw materials and reliable processing technology. Dehydrated vegetables retain the original color and nutrient content of the vegetables while reducing excess water, which is convenient to carry and transport. It can be used for instant vegetable soup, seasoning, and many other food purposes.

Mushroom / Mycelium


Huisong's portfolio of mushroom products has become quite strong due to the company attaching great importance to the control of heavy metals and pesticide residues. Due to special features of mushroom products, our factory has special processing machines for mushroom products. Our breaking rate of Ganoderma lucidum spore powder has reached more than 95%, and the taste is also competitive in the market. Huisong's mushroom products can be used in health products, food, functional drinks, food supplements, and other products.

Mushroom / Mycelium
White Fungus Powder
Shitake Mushroom Powder
Agaricus Bisporus Powder
Enokitake Mushroom Powder
Maitake Mushroom Powder
Oyster Mushroom Powder
Reishi Mushroom Powder
Black Fungus Powder
Hericium erinaceus
Coprinus comatus
Agaricus blazei
Chaga Powder
Cordyceps militaris Powder
Cordyceps Mycelium/Sinensis Powder
Antrodia camphorate Powder
Phellinus igniarius Powder


Natural Sweeteners
Luo Han Guo
Palm Sugar
Coconut Sugar

Natural Sweeteners

Sweetener products are a major part of the global food market, which resulted in acceleration in the development of the food industry. Because traditional sweetener products are prone to cause obesity, hyperglycemia, diabetes, tooth decay and other sub-health problems, some low-calorie and low-fructose sweetener products have begun to gain in popularity in the world. Huisong can also provide many natural sweeteners that are popular today, all of which are commonly used in baked goods, tea bags, drinking and other products, so they have great prospects in both domestic and foreign market.



Huisong continues to expand our business following the growing demands from customers. Now cereal products have become an important category in Huisong’s product portfolio. Grains are naturally rich in nutritious dietary fiber. The company carefully select high-quality grains, and through scientific proportioning and crushing process, finally produce grain powder with fine quality, good taste, and rich nutrition. Our products can be used for beverages, vegetable protein beverages, casual baked foods, and noodles.

Oat Powder
Soybean Powder
White Kidney Powder/Extract
Soy Protein
Black Sesame /Black Sesame Seed Powder/Extract
White Sesame/White Sesame Seed Powder/Extract
Rice Protein
Quinoa Powder
Pea Protein
Millet Powder/Extract
Lentil Sprout Powder
Puffed Quinoa Flour
Flax Seed Powder
Buckwheat Powder
Brown Rice Powder
Black Rice Powder
Black wheat Powder
Black bean Powder
Barley Powder
Wheat Bran Powder
Oat Bran Powder
Corn Powder
Purple Rice Powder
Red Sorghum Powder
Red Bean Powder
Job’s Tear Rice Powder
Buckwheat Powder


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