• TCM Decoction Center

TCM Decoction Center

TCM Decoction Center

Raw Herbs
The TCM extraction production line of Huisong Pharmaceuticals passed the GMP certification on-site inspection on December 28th, 2015. During the same time the company also obtained the GMP certification of the TCM decoction workshop. Since the beginning of Huisong, the company has been committed to the standardized cultivation of Chinese TCM, focusing on the safety traceability management of pesticides, heavy metals, sulfur, etc. Huisong continues to monitor pesticide residues, antibiotics, heavy metals, aflatoxins, and other harmful ingredients in accordance with the advanced testing standards of China the European Union, United States, and Japan, to ensure product quality, safety, and effectiveness from the source.

In 2021, Huisong launched the project of automatic and information intelligent decoction of TCM prepared slices. The TCM Prepared Slices Decoction Center has independent facilities and equipment such as dispensing machine, decoction machine, warehouse, and video surveillance. Monitoring videos are transmitted to medical institutions with real-time electronic monitoring of the preparation and decoction of Chinese herbal medicines, to ensure the traceability of quality inspection, and realize the whole process of decoction is controllable, visible and traceable.

Nature, health, science

Huisong continues to innovate and advance the world of human health by following its core values, “Nature, Health, Science”.

Decoction process

TCM Decoction Center

Intelligent Dispensing System

Electronic prescriptions from the hospital are transferred to the intelligent processing terminal of Huisong’s IDSYS Intelligent Dispensing System through the authorized network for automatic intelligent drug identification and drug dispensing. Prescription dispensing is fast, accurate, and reliable. The system is specially customized for Huisong, which can realize the intelligent dispensing of 400 Chinese medicines and cover more than 90% of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions.


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