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TCM Prescription Granules

Formula Granules




TCM Granules are made from single TCM Prepared Slices through water extraction, separation, concentration, drying, and finally, granulation. TCM Granules are formulated and used under the guidance of Chinese medicine theory and in accordance with Chinese medicine clinical prescriptions. Its nature, flavor and efficacy are essentially the same as those of TCM Prepared Slices. At the same time, the direct advantages eliminates the need for decoction, direct preparation, requiring less dosage, sanitation, safety, convenient carrying and storage. With multiple modes of administration such as oral, gargle, wash, fumigation, and enema, it not only meets the medication needs of clinical medicine, surgery, gynecology, orthopedics, pediatrics and other medical departments, but also meets the needs of different groups of people, whether elderly or children, working or studying.




Small-packed TCM Granules

Small-packed TCM Granules are conveniently packaged TCM granules that do not need to be mixed through an intelligent compounding machine. The specifications are based on clinical medication practice, "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" and "Zhejiang Drug Processing Regulations", which are scientific and reasonable, and meet the needs of clinical dialectical treatment. The amount in each small sachet is strictly calculated according to the amount of TCM Granules. Different TCM Granules have different specifications and filling quantities according to their own characteristics.

Intelligent-packed TCM Granules





Intelligent-packed TCM Granules is a kind of TCM granules which are dispensed by an intelligent blending machine. It has the advantages of consistently providing an accurate dosage and carrying with ease. Intelligent dispense technology accelerates the speed and accuracy of Traditional Chinese Medicine blending.

Intelligent TCM pharmacy

The Intelligent TCM pharmacy is composed of a dispensing host machine and a medicine storage cabinet. When the doctor diagnoses the patient, the electronic prescription, issued by the doctor, will be sent to the drug distribution terminal through the information system, then it will automatically identify whether there is any constraint to dispensing, and ultimately controlled by professional and technical personnel, so that the patient can obtain the TCM granules in the shortest time. TCM granules will be automatically divided into several sachets, each sachet is a one-time dosage.

The modern intelligent TCM pharmacy adopts an Intelligent Dispensing System (IDSYSTM) connected seamlessly with the hospital information system. It can retrieve the prescriptions of TCM granules prescriptions in real time, and automatically prepare the medicines. It can also ensure accurate weighing, reasonable deployment, and standardized packaging.


Compared with traditional TCM processing methods such as prepared slices, small-packed TCM, and decoctions, Intelligent TCM Pharmacy has the following advantages:

Fully automatic packaging, reducing manual operation process, so it can ensure no cross-contamination, fast speed, accurate weight.

For doctors, it can be dialectically added or subtracted according to the disease, the dosage is no longer limited, the prescription is more reasonable, the compatibility is fully automated, the entire dosage is controllable, and the drug effect is more stable.

For patients, there is no need to tear the bag one by one, easier to avoid taking the wrong variety, and more convenience in taking the medicine; it can also avoid the trouble of decoction, and it is easy to carry and store.

The intelligent TCM pharmacy simplifies the process of seeing a doctor, reducing the footprint. It is conducive to the realization of zero inventory management in the hospital, the modernization and intelligence of the hospital’s TCM pharmacy. It greatly shortens the waiting time of patients, reduces the labor intensity of pharmacists, improves the work efficiency of the hospital and the level of drug



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