• Message from the Chairman


"Throughout the past 40 years in the business world of natural medicine, I have been grateful for the guidance, education, and cooperation from my peers and colleagues in the industry, which have allowed me to obtain valuable experiences and grow through practice and challenge. Our company has come to develop a mature product portfolio that includes medical herb cultivation, TCM herbs and prepared slices, TCM prescription granules, pharmaceutical ingredients, botanical extracts, health foods, etc. Along the way, I have always been respectful and grateful to my predecessors and collaborators in the industry, and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards them. Today, Huisong is committed to advance the world of health and nutrition by providing premium-quality natural ingredients with the harmonious integration of Japanese quality standards and modern manufacturing technologies. Integrity, quality, and service will always remain at the foundation of our business."

Meng Zheng, PhD

Founder, President, and CEO



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