• Organic Ingredients

Organic Ingredients

In the modern era, personal health, environmental pollution, and climate change have been the major issues of discussion. The excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in agricultural products in the past has greatly polluted the land and brought certain threats to human health. Today, organic products have become a major trend in global health products. As people pay more attention to personal health and environment, the demand for organic products is increasing. According to Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) Survey statistics, as of 2019, 187 countries around the world are engaged in organic-related market activities. Ecovia Intelligence 2020 released data, from 2001 to 2018, the global organic product market retail sales increased from 21 billion to 105 billion USD. Facing the increasing demand for organic products today, Huisong has been committed to the development of the organic product business line and strives to provide customers with high-quality organic products. The source of our organic products is highly monitored and controlled, and organic standards are strictly enforced throughout the entire process. Each batch of finished products is tested by an authoritative testing agency. In the future, Huisong will continue to expand our organic varieties, from organic raw materials, organic powders to organic extracts, and continue to improve the sustainable supply capacity of organic products, and always strive to provide customers with quality products and services.

Product Name
Organic Panax Ginseng Extract/Powder/Cut/Dried
 Organic Ginkgo Biloba Extract/Powder
 Organic Rhodiola Extract/Powder
 Organic Astragalus Extract/Powder
 Organic Rose Hip Extract/Powder
 Organic Lyophilized royal jelly powder
 Organic Apple Vinegar Powder
 Organic Dandelion Extract/Powder
 Organic Siberian Ginseng Extract/Powder
 Organic Milk Thistle Extract/Powder
 Organic Reishi Mushroom Extract/Powder
 Organic Ginger Extract/Powder
 Organic Schisandra Chinensis Extract/Powder
 Organic Chinese Wolfberry Extract/Powder


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