• Products & Services

Products & Services

  • Pharmaceutical Drugs

    Pharmaceutical Drugs

    The pharmaceuticals drug factory is located in Hangzhou, covering a total area of nearly 60,000 square meters, with oral liquid tablets, capsules, granules and other modern production lines in line with GMP standards, equipped with first-class instruments and equipment laboratory and R&D center.
  • TCM Prescription Granules

    TCM Prescription Granules

    TCM Prescription Granules are made from single TCM Prepared Slices through water extraction, separation, concentration, drying, and finally, granulation. TCM Prescription Granules are formulated and used under the guidance of Chinese medicine theory and in accordance with Chinese medicine clinical prescriptions. Its nature, flavor and efficacy are essentially the same as those of TCM Prepared Slices. At the same time, the direct advantages of eliminates the need for decoction, direct preparation, requiring less dosage, sanitation, safety, convenient carrying and storage.
  • TCM Decoction Center

    TCM Decoction Center

    The TCM extraction production line of Huisong Pharmaceuticals passed the GMP certification on-site inspection on December 28th, 2015. During the same time, the company also obtained the GMP certification of the TCM decoction workshop. Since the beginning of Huisong, the company has been committed to the standardized cultivation of Chinese TCM, focusing on the safety traceability management of pesticides, heavy metals, sulfur, etc.
  • Botanical Extracts

    Botanical Extracts

    In 1994, the United States released the "Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act", which officially recognized the use of botanical extracts as a food supplement. Soon afterwards, the botanical extracts industry grew rapidly and entered a golden era by the 21st century. The improvement of living standards and growing health awareness helped the continuous increase of people's demand for health products.
  • Fruit and Vegetable Ingredients

    Fruit and Vegetable Ingredients

    With more than a decade of mastering the intricacies within the production of fruit and vegetable powders, and accumulating distinctive advantages over the competition in various types of sterilization methods, Huisong has been able to obtain stable and high-quality customers around the world.
  • Food Additives

    Food Additives

    Huisong frequently conducts in-depth market research to understand changing market trends and needs, and is committed to new ingredients innovation and development of new products. In addition to our primary botanical extracts, herbs, powders products, Huisong has developed a series of food additive products, including savory products, sweet products, dehydrated vegetables (airdried vegetables), mushroom, natural sweeteners, and grains, all while relying on more than 20 years of production experience, product development capabilities, and stable and high-quality supply chain built over the years.
  • Organic Ingredients

    Organic Ingredients

    In the modern era, personal health, environmental pollution, and climate change have been the major issues of discussion. The excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in agricultural products in the past has greatly polluted the land and brought certain threats to human health. Today, organic products have become a major trend in global health products.
  • Medicinal Herbs

    Medicinal Herbs

    Raw herbs refer to natural, unprocessed or simply processed plant, animal, and mineral medicinal materials, which means "raw crude drugs". The source of human knowledge of medicinal materials can be traced back to ancient times. While searching for food, the ancients, through repeated attempts, discovered many physiologically effective plants that can be used to prevent and treat diseases, so there is a saying that "medicine and food are of the same origin".
  • Ginseng


    Araliaceae ginseng plants originated in the Cenozoic Tertiary, about 60 million years ago. Due to the arrival of Quaternary glaciers, their distribution area greatly reduced, Ginseng and other plants of the Genus Panax became ancient relict plants and survived. According to research, the Taihang Mountains and Changbai Mountains are the birthplaces of ginseng. The usage of ginseng from Changbai Mountains can be traced back to the Northern and Southern Dynasties, more than 1,600 years ago.
  • Bee Products

    Bee Products

    Bee products are one of Huisong's highest quality products. It mainly includes royal jelly - in fresh or freeze-dried powder form - propolis and bee pollen, etc. Huisong’s Royal Jelly Workshop possesses ISO22000, HALAL, FSSC22000, GMP certification for foreign manufacturers in Japan, and the Pre-GMP certification of Korean MFDS.
  • CMO Services

    CMO Services

    As an early entrant into the Chinese medicine industry in China, we have accumulated 24 years of industry experience and are committed to the R&D and large-scale manufacturing for high-quality raw materials and finished products. Huisong is able to provide flexible and optimized products and develop value-added solutions with our partners.


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